Esencial Costa Rica

Esencial Costa Rica

We developed the first graphic campaign of the country brand aimed at Costa Ricans.

essential COSTA RICA is our country brand, in this way Costa Rica is projected to the world by integrally promoting tourism, investments and exports, hand in hand with the Costa Rican culture and idiosyncrasy.

Tuvimos la oportunidad de desarrollar y conceptualizar la campaña gráfica inspirada en el concepto de que cada costarricense es un embajador de las cosas buenas, positivas y destacadas de nuestro país, como los paisajes, la biodiversidad, la innovación y la cultura.

The essence is you ...

We started a positioning in the national public under the slogan "The essence is you, we are all essential COSTA RICA". The objective was to make known through talks to educational centers, chambers of commerce, business meetings and training in different institutions, the campaign of the country brand. There was also a presence at important national events: San José Half Marathon, Telethon, Special Olympics, Robotics World Cup, International Design Festival and VALOARTE with dissemination through content on social networks, media and companies.

Digital interaction

To empower the “Ticos” and generate a feeling of belonging, “avatars” were generated with the silhouettes, where people could put their own images, landscapes, textures, among others, and thus an interaction was generated with the hashtag #SoyCostarica. The campaign then had a better organic diffusion among the followers of the Facebook page. 

360 Exposure

The concept ended up being reflected on a website where the campaign information, graphic materials, a TV commercial and downloadable objects were hosted. The exhibition was held and materialized in traditional and online media.


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