Rosti Costa Rica


With almost 40 years of experience, Rosti has always sought excellence in its products. Paying attention to key elements such as the preparation of the recipes with the freshest ingredients, handcrafted by the passionate hands of chefs and cooks who have worked for Rosti for many years.

One of Rosti's strengths is that it offers an incomparable flavor, all well prepared and with its characteristic flavor, which more than just well-cooked food, offers a love that is perceived in food as from a second home: real, authentic food, natural and made with love.

We developed a fairly broad project where we covered all the edges of the brand to bring all the flavor of Rosti in its new image, according to the new generations without losing the warmth and heritage that characterize it.

Eat how you like...

Why have an evolution in brand strategy?

In such a competitive era, Rosti's image has become paramount. We seek to continue being relevant and with a close and strong bond with each person who visits the restaurants.

With this evolution, we seek to powerfully convey the essence of a new Rosti in everything we do and immediately and consistently identify Rosti as a restaurant seeking to create memorable and delicious experiences.

Our objective is to be perceived as a fresher and more modern restaurant; that keeps up with the trends and aligned with the tastes and preferences of the younger generations.

We want to be recognized not only for the richness of the food, but also for the great experience that is offered as a brand under the promise "eat as you like".

Branding of spaces

We bring the brand system and brand book to the space, filling every corner of the points of sale with life, through murals and decoration according to the world of Rosti.

360 Exposure

The concept ended up being reflected in all the points of sale, graphic materials, a TV commercial and physical objects. The exhibition was carried out and materialized in traditional and online media.


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